Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Read this, listen to that...

Yesterday, someone asked how long I had been offering Thai (massage/bodywork) at the gym. "It's been a year," I replied. It's also precisely how long I have been away from this page.

One bit to share: a book club before our Wednesday evening practice. We're reading The Inner Tradition of Yoga (Michael Stone).

After a few weeks, one reader/attendee commented that she had been doing yoga "all wrong." She didn't realize the philosophical/psychological branches. All we get are the poses -- and here in the States, the grander the pose, the better YOU are at yoga. Bullshit. I mean that academically. 

In this respect the word "bullshit" is identical to the word "lie," for when we speak of a lie we speak, implicitly, of the action that brought the lie into being: Somebody lied (T. Noah).
It is at least a misdirectionthat the more tricked-out your body, the more happiness you experience. It's akin to the lie that being really fit = health. One can be of excellent health without the commitment required to compete in marathons, duathalons, etc.

Achievement for the sake of earning your worth is a cover-up. You don't think you earn it by being here. Do another round of Suryanamaskar and see if that helps. You are deceived. Your happiness can never be a function of doing. That's a treadmill. Your being aware of the treadmill = happiness. You step on, step off, unplug the damn thing if you want.

Another excellent find that complements Stone's book is hearing Brene Brown on NPR. She calls out our human tendency to tamp down vulnerability. We store shame in the cellars of every addiction. We armor ourselves with status, with image, with a flippant attitude. Every layer of protection buries our ability to connect, she says. This connection -- this vulnerability-- is required for true courage and growth. You can't really love wearing all that armor.

My poses aren't so different than a year ago. My mind is getting a good stretch, though.